Board Nomination Form

What County Does the Nominee Live Within?
If so, what Corporate or Employee Giving Partner do they work for?
Does the Nominee have a possible Conflict-of-Interest through a relationship with any of the following 2023 Impact Grant Applicants/Partner Organizations?

In a small community such as ours, it is likely that Board Members have had contact with many of the non-profits that have applied for Impact Grants this year, along with many other charitable programs.  Board Members may volunteer or donate to a wide variety of causes.  They may also feel passionate about specific community causes.  This is known as "Duality-of-Interest" and is not considered a Conflict-of-Interest. 

Conflicts of Interest include but are not limited to:
1.  Serving on the Board of an Impact Grant Applicant or an organization that plans on applying for grants from the United Way in the Future 
2.  Working for an Impact Grant Applicant or an organization that plans to apply for grants in the future
3.  Having a financial interest, receiving loans or personal gifts from Impact Grant Applicants

When a potential Board Member is nominated, we will invite them to an informational meeting where we will further discuss our Conflict-of-Interest policy.