Impact Grant Funding Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in learning more about the United Way of Stanly County's Impact Grant Process.  On this page you will find information about:

  • Basic Eligibility for Funding
  • Program Funding Criteria
  • Impact Grant Cycle Calendar
  • Parter Program Reporting Requirements
  • Funding Policies


  1. Organizations must have a valid 501(c)3 status
  2. Organizations must have at least a five-year history of service in Stanly and/or Montgomery County

  3. Organizations must have a physical office or address in Stanly or Montgomery County

  4. Organizations must have an active volunteer governing Board of Directors and bylaws that outline the procedure for recruiting and electing new Board Members

  5. Organizations must conduct an annual outside Audit/CPA Review (with Management Letter) if total support/revenue is equal to or exceeds $400,000 for the fiscal year

  6. Organization must file an annual IRS 990

  7. Organization must maintain a current and active North Carolina Charitable Solicitation License or Provide a Letter of Exemption from having a North Carolina Charitable Solicitation Status

  8. Organization must have all taxes (including Payroll Taxes) current and paid to date

  9. Organizations must have a non-discrimination policy


The following criteria will be used to evaluate the strength, success and feasibility of programs seeking United Way of Stanly County funding:

Organizational Capacity (financial, budget and overall agency performance): Funded programs should run in a fiscally responsible manner, with direction from an active board of directors and in alignment with its agency mission.

Alignment with UWSC’s Community Impact Areas: Our primary responsibility is to the community and our donors. Therefore, we fund programs that reflect the community impact areas as identified in our Community Needs Assessment.

  1. Education – Programs that strengthen children’s ability to succeed in school from Kindergarten to College

  2. Basic Critical Needs/Financial Stability – Programs that support employment preparation and financial self-sufficiency, as well as programs that provide access to emergency food, safe shelter and other critical needs

  3. Health – Programs that provide access to health care and wellness education

Measurable Program Outcomes: Funded programs should achieve measurable results and demonstrate meaningful outcomes for participants in the program seeking funding.  

Target Populations Served:  Organizations must be able to show that the population served through United Way of Stanly County funded programs live within Stanly and Montgomery County.

Community Partnerships and Collaborations: We believe that collaborative approaches are crucial to success and sustainability of community change efforts because they reduce duplication of services, provide integrated services to program participants, help to achieve program outcomes and decrease costs.  Impact Grant Applicants that work collaboratively with other organizations to achieve their program goals (including but not limited to material donations, funds, program space, or referrals) must provide a written partnership agreement signed by both agencies involved in order for the Impact Grant Application to be considered for funding.

Current & Future Funding Ability: Each funded program must demonstrate the ability to raise funds beyond United Way of Stanly County contributions.


1.  Organizations and projects that serve primarily animals (including domestic animals, livestock, and wildlife)

2.  Environmental Advocacy organizations (unless the funded project is focused on STEM or Youth Development programs)

3.  Organizations that require clients to participate in religious services or faith-based training to receive charitable services